Perfect for surface protection  Maybe used on cold or hot beverages in... 


This beautiful decor basket is handwoven with natural sisal fibers and sweet... 

Wall Statements

Introducing our exquisite Hand-Woven Baskets , a stunning fusion of artistry and... 


    These exquisitely detailed decorative baskets are crafted to elevate and
    amplify any interior space.

    Whether displayed individually or combined with other plates or bowls, they have the power to completely transform the ambience.

    You can also coordinate them with throw pillows in your living room or bed linens in your bedroom for a cohesive aesthetic.

  • VASE

    These petite vases are the perfect way to add charm to any compact area.
    Meticulously fashioned using age-old techniques, the vase is adorned with dyed sisal fibers and sweet grass, resulting in a striking work of art.

    By adding one or multiple vases, you can create a chic decor element in your living space.


    This stunningly woven place mat is a masterpiece in its own right. It can be utilized as a striking centrepiece for any tabletop or as a captivating decorative element on a wall.

    A must-have item for anyone with an appreciation for home decor or seeking to present a personalized hostess gift for special occasions such as birthdays or weddings.

    You can also pair it with other wall art or baskets to create an even more
    striking display


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